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We rent our apartments on a short-term basis and all prices shown are in Euros, VAT included.
Each quotation includes electricity, water, heating, air-conditioning (if provided) and the assistance of our staff during your check-in and your stay. The final cleaning charge, linen and towels are included in the rental price.


Check-in between 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm 30,00 € to be paid locally
Check-in between 11:00 pm - 06:00 am 50,00 € to be paid locally
Check-out between 6:00 am - 8:00 am 30,00 € to be paid locally
Delayed arrival (without informing our staff) 35,00 € to be paid locally

You must be 18 years of age or older.
A minimum of one week booking is required for any reservation. In casi particolari la proprietà si ricava il diritto di accettare richieste per periodi inferiori.
Our database will accept a reservation on the basis of the availability of the apartments. The reservation will be confirmed by Planning Venice after the payment of the deposit. The terms and methods of the payment are as follows:
All reservations must be confirmed with a deposit equal to 20% of the total charge for the entire stay upon reservation. This payment can be made with credit card through our secure system. The confirmation of the booking will be sent only and exclusively after the payment of this deposit.

A security deposit of 200 to 500 € is required, depending on the accommodation (see apartment description) and length of your stay. This deposit is against possible damages or losses caused to the Property. It is payable to our staff on arrival by cash or credit card.
PlanningVenice will provide the keys to the apartment only on receipt of the security deposit. PlanningVenice will return the deposit on departure after the apartment has been checked.
The security deposit is charged on arrival and is fully refunded upon departure, unless there are outstanding charges in case of damage or loss to the property during your stay or other services. In this case that charge will be deducted from the security deposit and the difference refunded to you.
In a case of the damages or loss caused exceeds the security deposit the guest will undertake to pay the difference.
The deposit will be sent within 8 days after departure if it is not possible to check the condition of the apartment upon departure.

The apartments can only be used for temporary and tourist household needs. You cannot make the apartment your new place of residence or choose it as your permanent residence. It is furthermore not allowed to sublet the apartment, or parts of it, to third parties.
The said premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purposes other than as residential accommodation. Immoral or commercial activity is strictly forbidden.
All building rules and regulations must be observed. Between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. apartment occupiers shall not make any loud noises. Animals are not admitted in the lodgings unless other agreements have been taken. In the event that you do not follow PlanningVenice’s and the building rules and regulations (such as noise during the above mentioned hours, etc.), PlanningVenice reserves the right to vacate you immediately from the apartment without having to refund you. Moreover, PlanningVenice will require additional charges (see Surcharges list mentioned below) in case you require the presence of our local staff during your stay for reasons such as losing the apartment's keys, forgetting the keys inside the apartment or for unjustified emergency calls for assistance in the property.

Lost keys 80,00 € + cost of replacement Our staff' required presence and safety Lock's change
Unjustified emergency calls for assistance in the property 50,00 € + involved costs if applicable Our staff' required presence

Guests are not permitted to interfere, cause or permit interference with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours.
No parties are allowed in the apartment.
The client shall comply with the By-Laws applicable with respect to the premises and its environment.
The client must not mark, paint, drive nails, screws or the like into, or otherwise damage or deface, any structure that forms part of the common. In the case of default, PlanningVenice may arrange repairs and a fee may be charged.
Upon arrival the guess will find at the apartment the status of condition and inventory of furniture of the premises. This will have to be verified and any discrepancies brought to the notice of PlanningVenice within 24 hours. If no notification is received within the stipulated time, it will be deemed that the inventory is accepted.
PlanningVenice will have to be notified as soon as practically possible of any damage to the premises. This will facilitate the replacement of articles, furniture, effects or fittings that may be damaged or lost during the period of tenancy, or the payment to PlanningVenice the cost of repair or replacement.
No animals or birds can be kept on the premises without the previous authorization of PlanningVenice.
Use or storage of inflammable, explosive, corrosive materials is strictly forbidden.
It is forbidden to use any appliance, which may increase the consumption of electricity, water or gas, without the previous authorization of PlanningVenice.
No furniture or effects can be removed from the premises and proper care has to be taken of all items included in the letting.
The guest agrees to return all keys and operating devices when the agreement terminates and give vacant possession of the premises to the PlanningVenice agent at the check out time. The client is responsible for any replacement fees of 80 € for access cards and keys.
PlanningVenice agents are allowed to enter, view the state of repair and carry out repairs even in the absence of the tenant.
Failure to fully disclose (or misrepresentation of) such occasions is cause for immediate cancellation of the reservation with the forfeiture of all funds and guest’s immediate eviction of the premises. PlanningVenice reserves the rights to deny occupancy evict or refuse refund at any time to anyone who appears to be detrimental to the property.

We are entitled to refuse admittance to the persons exceeding the number on the booking form or the number of beds of each apartment. Nobody else is admitted to stay in our apartments authorization.

On arrival you will find your property clean and tidy. Le pulizie finali sono comprese nel prezzo di affitto. Planning Venice richiede la cortesia agli ospiti di pulire l’angolo cucina con i piatti, di svuotare il frigorifero e disporre le immondizie prima della partenza

PlanningVenice will inform you with your apartment’s address and directions.
PlanningVenice‘s agent will meet at the office and hand the keys.
Remember to contact our staff in order to fix a time for a meeting at the office. It is essential that you inform PlanningVenice of your estimated time of arrival in Venice, at least 4 days prior arrival.
In case of delays exceeding half an hour over the agreed time you will have contact our agent (Mobile 0039 388 305 24 18). If you fail to do so, we are allowed to charge a Delayed Arrival Fees (see Surcharges). If PlanningVenice has not been informed of long delays and the client misses the check-in at the office, PlanningVenice is not responsible.
Per ogni check-in vi sarà richiesto di consegnare i vostri documenti per la registrazione, di pagare un deposito cauzionale e di firmare il contratto di locazione.

Upon arrival the guess will find at the apartment the status of condition and inventory of furniture of the premises. This will have to be verified and any discrepancies brought to the notice of PlanningVenice within 24 hours. If no notification is received within the stipulated time, it will be deemed that the inventory is accepted. If you find that an item in the inventory is damaged or absent, you must report it within 24 hours after your arrival, otherwise PlanningVenice will not be responsible for such item.

In the event of late arrival, you will be charged a supplementary fee depending on the time: 30 Euros after 06:00 PM to 11:00 PM, 50 Euros after 11:00 PM. The supplementary fee must be paid cash at arrival.

You are requested to contact PlanningVenice’s agent on one hour before check-in in the premises.

Kindly make all arrangements for the departure well in advance. Apartments have to be vacated at 10:00 AM on day of departure.
The check out will be directly at the apartment. PlanningVenice’s agent will check the apartment and refund the full deposit in case of no damage is found. (see §4.).
In case of services not included in the rental price are availed, the amount will have to be paid to our staff in cash or the same will be adjusted against the security deposit until your is settled.
Late departure will be charged 3 times of a day rate.
Please note that early checkouts have to be arranged for prior to departure and additional fees of 30 € will be charged if the check out time is before 8.00am.
In the case that the departure hour has been agreed and that the client is not physically present at the apartment on the determined hour, PlanningVenice will proceed to the change of the lock for security reasons; check the cost involved in change of lock in paragraph 5. If you leave the apartment before your departure date you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

In the event of a cancellation, PlanningVenice is to be notified by fax or email as soon a possible and prior to the date of arrival. The cancellation charges will be calculated as follows:
- from confirmation to 31 days prior to arrival cancellation fee of 20% of the total amount
- from 30 days to 15 days prior to arrival cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount
- from 14 days to 08 days prior to arrival cancellation fee of 75% of the total amount
- from 07 days to arrival date cancellation fee of 100% of the total amount
PlanningVenice is not responsible for cancellation due to circumstances beyond one’s control which shall include strike, natural calamities, disease, death, war (non exhaustive list), and consequently the client has to make the payment and undertake to cancel the booking following the cancellation policy (see §11.) on our Booking Terms and Conditions.

11. CANCELLATION FROM PlanningVenice
PlanningVenice can cancel any reservation at any time if the property booked is not available on the date of arrival or during the stay. In this case, PlanningVenice will refund totally the pre-payment. Alternatively, PlanningVenice can propose another apartment rental at different conditions.

PlanningVenice will provide all relevant information. PlanningVenice formalizes the reservations and contract procedure. PlanningVenice verifies the inventory and payment. The owner of each apartment cedes its use for letting, under the indicted legal and contracual rules and conditions usual in these cases. The guest has the right to occupy the apartment for the period contracted, with the number of people previously agreed and is obliged to pay the rental price and take responsibility for any irregularities caused to the apartment in this period.

In case of technical problems, you are kindly requested to contact PlanningVenice on the date of arrival to resolve any problem as soon as possible. PlanningVenice will have to be provided sufficient time to solve the problem.
PlanningVenice will not be held responsible for possible harm done to you during your stay. PlanningVenice is not responsible for any loss, delay or damage caused by circumstances beyond its control (such as flooding, explosions, storms, fires, strikes, bad weather conditions, high tide, wars or war threats, civil problems, acts, restrictions, regulations or measures of any type from the government or the local authorities). Moreover PlanningVenice is not responsible for breakdowns of pumps or boilers or interruptions of the water or electricity supply by the local supplier.
PlanningVenice is not liable under any circumstances for loss, theft or damage to the occupants or clients and/ or their property and belongings.

Per qualunque controversia riguardante la prenotazione e la locazione, il luogo di giurisdizione è Venezia. La legge applicabile è quella italiana. La sottoscrizione del contratto di prenotazione implica la conoscenza delle Condizioni Generali e comporta la loro accettazione senza riserve od eccezioni. Se alcune di queste condizioni erano o diventeranno non valide e se in questo contenuto dovesse verificarsi una lacuna, la validità delle restanti condizioni non potrà essere chimata in causa

Linen and towels are furnished. The apartment is equipped with the basic kitchen utensils and crockery for the designated number of persons, refrigerator and hob (electric and gas).
Apartments considered with a heating system are those which main rooms (living room and bedrooms) are heated with a hot air conditioning system or an electric convector heater. For further and detailed information for each apartment, check the description on the website www.PlanningVenice.com. The photos present on this site, are non contractual and can be submitted to updating.


By confirming your reservation with PlanningVenice you agree to our term and conditions as outlined above. You acknowledge reading and accepting our cancellation policy as stated.

The present conditions regulate the allowed use of the Web Site www.PlanningVenice.com, that PlanningVenice , with head office in San Marco 2737 – Venezia - Italia, places on the Internet.

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